Tutoring Services

Visit our tutors in person at the LTCC Library or online on Cranium Cafe.

Math tutors are available most library hours in person and on Cranium Cafe. Math tutors work one-on-one and in small groups to support subjects such as Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. 

Writing tutors are available most library hours in person and by appointment on Cranium Cafe. Students can also email their draft papers and prompts to library@ltcc.edu. Allow up to 24 hours for feedback during regular library hours (Sunday-Thursday).

Subject tutors in areas such as Biology, Chemistry, and Sign Language are scheduled throughout the week. Embedded tutors may be available in select English and Math courses. Subject and embedded hours vary, check Cranium Cafe for tutor office hours.

Free online tutoring is also available via NetTutor in Canvas. NetTutor is a global tutoring service. Math, English/Writing, and ESL tutors are available 24/7. Plus, subject tutors in over a dozen areas (including Anatomy & Physiology, Statistics, Accounting, Psychology, Matemáticas en Español) are available most days of the week.

Free Math Tutoring for K-12 Students

LTCC's student Math Club members provide free tutoring services to K-12 students starting Monday, September 26. Days and hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm-5pm each week through December 8, 2022 (except for Thanksgiving week and Veterans Day on Nov. 11).

Meet on LTCC's Main Building mezzanine, halfway up the stairs to the second floor. Students should bring their math work or their computer with their math work on it and LTCC's tutors will be happy to assist.